Different ways to teach your kids to draw

Drawing is definitely the best habit and every parent should need to take a responsibility to teach a child to draw. When you are teaching the drawing to your daughter or son, she or he can learn the new methods of exploration. Your teaching about drawing will be very useful to provide the space, tools, time and also encouragement to your little ones.

There are different stages of teaching drawing skills to the children and they include drawing from observation, practicing perspectives and drawing correct proportions and give them step by step drawing tips. But at the same time, you should avoid pushing your kids to change any approach or style and let them to draw in their own way.

Teaching drawing skills to your children:

  • Make drawing in the part of your daily routine – While teaching kids to draw, you should need to incorporate the art making into your child’s playtime. You don’t force them and you just need to place a paper on the table along with the coloring tools. It will definitely encourage them to draw and focus on the drawing motion. For their easy grip, it is better buying the washable markers and chunky crayons.
  • Don’t focus on only drawing with the tools and the parents must also offer the different varieties of the art materials at the age of 15 months to 2 years. You should help him or her to trace the pictures in sand and how to use the shaping clay. Buy the non-toxic clay, washable paints, different kinds of paper, child safe scissors and also store all of them in the easy to access spot.
  • teach a child to drawDon’t teach the skills and try to encourage their naturally developed basic motor skills by doing some different activities. The children will automatically develop invention, creativity and also the self expression with the parent’s encouragement.
  • You should make observations instead of correcting or praising the art of your child. The parents should need to give more positive comments first and tell the negatives in a kind manner. Then only, your little ones will correct it by their own.
  • Give encouragement by giving positive comments about their drawing. If you are doing like that, they will be interested to do more again and again.
  • The parents must also ask the open ended questions and never ask like what is it? You should ask like can you explain me about your art/drawing? If you ask like that, your daughter or son will be excited to talk about their drawing. Then, you have to ask more positive questions to create more interest on him/her.
  • Try to encourage your little one to make an art as the part of their emotional processing. If the child is sad, you should support them to draw the sad picture. If he/she is having a tantrum, recommend him/her to make any angry picture.

Art can definitely help kids to process the intense emotions which might be somewhat difficult for them to put in the words. By this way, your little ones will also have a very good sense of control.