How do you travel with a breastfed baby

We know breastfeeding is not an easy task in itself, but breastfeeding while traveling creates even more barriers to feeding your little one. We’ve compiled a tips to travel with a breastfed baby and tips from people to ensure smooth and safe journeys for both you and baby

We have heard horror stories or seen videos of foreigners trying to ridicule mothers for breastfeeding babies in public, and while people are wise to stick to their views, some don’t. Having said this, be conscious that various states and corporations have varying breastfeeding laws. Try to look at them in advance and prepare accordingly, if necessary.a bay in a suitcase

No one has the right to tell you where you can or cannot breasts your infant, as long as you do not violate any regulations. If you sit next to someone on an aero plane or otherwise, let them know beforehand that you want to breastfeed, so they will have time to change their seat in the event of problems.

Public breastfeeding


If you have a breastfeeding background, you probably know well what to wear and what to bring with you to make sure both you and your baby are happy on your journey. However, if your experience is new, you might want to bring something to cover you and your baby while breastfeeding. It can be helpful to try to eliminate disruptions from rude people to crowded areas. The blanket or shawl fabrics should be light and respiratory enough to provide warmth to you and your infant.


Especially useful are button-down blouses or those with zips. Some moms may have conventional bodies, while others may have special breasts or breastfeeding camisoles that are not required for top removal.a baby look at the window

Our advice on taking care of a breast baby while travelling is to play with various types of things before determining what is comfortable before your journey. Bring your favourite breastfeeding bras, camisoles and tops because it’s best to have clothes you know when it comes to breastfeeding your kid.

Vehicle ride

If you intend to pump breastmilk into a vehicle while driving, we suggest that you buy an electric breast pump inverter. Some inverters connect directly to the battery of your vehicle providing a higher voltage, and others provide less voltage can be attached to the DC power socket in your car.

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